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ATR Op-Ed in Townhall: How Stablecoins Can Help the Underbanked

In an op-ed published in Townhall yesterday, ATR Federal Affairs Manager Bryan Bashur outlined how stablecoins (digital tokens backed by reserve assets such as the U.S. dollar or short-term debt) can provide financial services to Americans who have previously lacked easy access to capital. Lower-income individuals, minorities, and rural communities are…

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ATR Op-Ed in RealClearMarkets: Emphasis On ESG Investing Will Compromise Future Retirements

In an op-ed published in RealClearMarkets last week, ATR Federal Affairs Manager Bryan Bashur highlighted the Biden administration’s misguided initiative to weaponize environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing strategies. Biden’s support for ESG will kill energy jobs and put Americans’ retirement savings at risk. As Bashur points out: Within his first…


ATR Supports Rep. McHenry’s Bipartisan “Keep Innovation in America Act”

This week, Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), ranking member of the House Committee on Financial Services, introduced the Keep Innovation in America Act (H.R. 6006) a bill that would both protect the privacy of investors in digital assets, and mitigate burdensome reporting requirements for crypto miners; validators; and software, hardware, and protocol…


Report: Increase Retail Investor participation in Private Equity

In a bout of good news for retail investors, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Asset Management Advisory Committee (AMAC) unanimously approved a final report on how to increase retail investor participation in private investments. AMAC’s report outlined various principles the SEC could promote to enable greater retail investor participation…


House Tax Provision is Bad News for Crypto

Capitol Hill continues to impose tax increases on cryptocurrencies. This time, Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass.) of the House Ways and Means Committee released text for the tax portion of the budget reconciliation bill, which includes a section that restricts crypto investors from being able to deduct losses on certain transactions.